Anonymous March 27, 2017

A little Professionalism goes a long way

I had takin my ex-boyfriend's 3 gold and silver "grills" (teeth caps with diamonds) into a few different stores (yes, the gold guys) only to leave feeling embarrassed from the remarks made by workers. I really didn't want to go through that again but I needed to make the sale. So I took the gold caps to your store where the manager Arlene greeted me with the biggest smile. Her professionalism was second to none! She made me feel comfortable and bought all three of them. Since that day I have taken all my ex's gold to her.

Ellen Items Sold: Bracelets & Earrings March 27, 2017

I had some very nice gold jewelry that I wore on rare occassions and thought of selling it. I listen to KSGN Christian Radio and had heard the commercials for AAA and looked at their website from the KSGN website. I decided to visit and am glad I did. Tiffany was so professional and made me feel at ease; I was a little sad selling items that I had for awhile. As a result of my visit I am able to be a better steward by paying off a bill. Thank you, Tiffany!

wanda parker Items Sold: Gold chain March 27, 2017

I have visited carlos leon the store manager several times with my gold jewelry and have aways walked away completely satisfied with my appraisal. They are true professionals and give me top dollar. Thankyou Carlos for your courtesy. I would highly recomend the AAA gold exchange at Ontario Mills .

Bailey Potter Items Sold: Necklace and Bracelets March 27, 2017

I went to AAA Gold Exchange to get an estimate. Santy explained every step in detail and there was no pressure to sell. Before I knew it I knew everything about pennyweight, grams and karats. I figured I would shop around to one other store. I tried GoldMaxx and was in shock by how much I was offered!!! I couldn't get out of there fast enough and back to AAA Gold Exchange. I was offered $461 at GoldMaxx and $749 at AAA Gold Exchange!!! They offered to match AAA's price but I was appalled by there original offer. I went back to AAA Gold Exchange and sold to them. They are honest, fair and have the best customer service. By far, AAA Gold Exchange is #1.

Kathleen Behnke Items Sold: 2 gold rings March 27, 2017

I had visited several gold exchange stores but this one and Elisa the representative I worked with was the most professional. SHe explained what she was doing, how my items were evaluated and was really knowledgeable. Unlike other stores I visited she made me feel at ease and also gave me the best price compared to other stores. I highly recommend this store and especially Elisa who helped me.

Eileen Items Sold: Complete Silver Set March 27, 2017

I have heard of the AAA Gold Exchange on the Radio and my experience was just as good as every commercial I had heard. Courtney was so pleasant and explain what she was doing. I will recommend this store to all my friends

Kathy Anderson Items Sold: Chains, ring and bracelet March 27, 2017

I've been listening to AAA Gold Exchange comercials for years on KSGN and KFRG. After cleaning out my jewelry box I took my baggie of broken, unused, non-sentimental peices of jewelry to AAA. I told my husband that I would be happy if any of it were of value and I got even $20 for it. WRONG. William diligently went through my jewely and I received a total of $678. I was speechless. To think I was almost going to just throw that baggie away. Thanks for all your help and personal service William.

Tammie M. Items Sold: Silverware March 27, 2017

William was very patient and informative. No pressure and simple facts speak volumes to the integrity this young man has. Because of my experience I will continue to do buisness with your organization and would recommend your services to my acquaintances and family!

Lorene Knight March 27, 2017

I have been hearing your advertisements on the radio for months so I decided to clean out my jewelry box. I had a lot of old and some broken pieces that I have not used in years so I figured why not, I will most likely never use them again. The employee was great and explained everything to me as she was doing it and why. I thought I'd be lucky if I got a couple hundred dollars for what I took in. Imagine my surprise when she wrote me a check for $634.00! I will most definitely refer others here and I'm sure I will be back In the future! Thank you so much AAA! You've made my day!

steven Items Sold: 4 February 20, 2017

I was having a bad day, down on my luck after a visit to the casino. I stopped in to see how much I could get for 2 rings a necklace and a charm thinking I'd only get gas money, to my surprise I walked out with A check for over $850!!! THANK YOU ARLENE!!!!